Elect Andy Li

My name is Andy Li.  I am proud to be a candidate for the Contra Costa Community College District Governing Board representing Ward 4.

I am a good listener and I want to hear your voice.  I believe that together we can make a better community college system and help our students prepare for an ever-changing job market without undue stress.

Please contact me at: andy@ElectAndyLi.com

I look forward to hearing from you.


What are my goals?

  • Increase success with less stress. Increase the success rate of community college students through a high quality, low cost and less stressful environment.
  • Promote on-line courses. Offer more on-line courses, as they are cost effective and allow schedule flexibility for students.
  • Improve vocational and professional training. Provide more vocational and professional training to teach students marketable skills to fill well-paying, high demand positions in the Bay Area.

Why am I running for the Governing Board?

We are fortunate to live in an area with excellent public schools. However, this excellence comes with a steep cost for many students.  Students are reporting unprecedented levels of stress, depression and anxiety. High achieving students put tremendous pressure on themselves to go directly from high school to an elite four-year university. The toll that this narrow definition of success is taking on our community is devastating. I want to help our students and their families find alternative paths to fulfilling lives.

As a parent, I am passionate about reducing stress among students. The Contra Costa Community College system gives students an excellent pathway to success. At a community college, students have the opportunity to explore, mature, and learn in a welcoming environment and are encouraged to find their passion with less pressure.

As the cost of college tuition skyrockets, community college tuition stays low, and can even be free. It makes higher education approachable for financially challenged students. Community college provides great opportunity to lift people out of poverty. As a member of the governing board, I will focus my energy on promoting the community college system as a low cost and healthy path to a successful life.

Why am I qualified?

  • Long-time active community member. I am an active community member and civic participant. I work with several local nonprofit organizations, including Leadership San Ramon Valley, Dougherty Valley/San Ramon Rotary Club and the Asian Pacific Islander American Public Affairs Association (APAPA). I am an active participant in the school. I am the PTA committee chair for Hidden Hills Elementary school, founding PTA and education foundation nomination chair, and the site council for Bella Vista Elementary school. I also serve on committees for various governmental entities, including the City of San Ramon, the San Ramon Valley Unified School District and Contra Costa County. Such experience helps me understand the intricacies of government, while maintaining a very close connection to our local community.
  • Humble beginning. Having been born and raised in one of the poorest communities of a large city in China, I immigrated to United States with only $500 to my name. I understand the financial challenges that many families face. As a member of the Governing Board, I will commit myself to ensuring that community colleges stay as affordable and accessible as possible.
  • Broad spectrum of post-secondary education experience. I attended lesser known colleges as well as top-notch universities. This experience enriched my life and broadened my view as I consider opportunities for our students to navigate the post-secondary education system. I know community college can be the pathway to success, whether the career goal is in the trades or in high-level research.
  • Successful small business owner. I am proud that my services have helped my clients become successful over more than ten years of independent consulting work in information technology. The experience of listening to clients, analyzing needs, and proposing solutions helps me with skills essential for a Board of Governors member.
  • Experienced IT professional. With years of experience in the high-tech industry, I understand well of information technology. This knowledge guides me to equip community colleges with state of the art technology that will help students to meet the needs of ever-changing technology.

Endorsed by

Betty Yee, California State Controller

  • “I am pleased to endorse Andy Li for the Contra Costa Community College District Board. His leadership to increase the civic participation of immigrant communities, his work to ensure the well-being of students, and his information technology background are assets that will make Andy an important and valued voice on the Contra Costa Community College District Board. Please join me in supporting Andy Li.”

John E. Márquez, Contra Costa Community College District Board President

  • “Andy Li is an active community leader with great passion for education.”

Gary Walker-Roberts, Contra Costa Community College District Board Vice President

  • “I love and agree with Andy’s passion to improve success with less stress. Go Andy!

Bill Clarkson, San Ramon Mayor

  • “Andy Li is a powerful community voice, and his dedication to public service is a role model for us all to follow.”